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When is OMGPOP shutting down?
  • TWD
    Posts: 2Member

    It's sad to know such an event will occur. Really depressing for me and all its fans. 

    The cost of $450K is a lie. You shouldn't even fall for it.

    HIT MACHINE - God damn Zynga. Why don't you want to fix my favorite game? Well not my favorite game, but my 2nd favorite.

    DRAW MY THING - Zynga, Draw my Thing is a game that I think is one of the internet's best. Really.. At least save this game. 

    My last words: DON'T

  • ZyngaZynga
    Posts: 29Member
    Don't tell me what to do.
  • TWD
    Posts: 2Member
    Okay. Zynga can go suck a cock.
  • piperz
    Posts: 16Member
  • JacqueminotJacqueminot
    Posts: 17,589Member
    #2cute4u #dealwithit
    100% bootyfulz inside and out
    B.A.P obsessed
  • bravesocks
    Posts: 1Member
    I heard the closing was supposed to happen weeks ago but it's still going...We'll see I guess
    interested in a hit machine-like game?
    Try osu m! or Feel the Beats :P

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